Holding back the joy; trappings of life

There are always things around us, in us or circumstances that try to trap us.  We decide what traps us and what doesn’t. Sometimes we don’t know why or how we became trapped.  Clutter can attack our hearts, our minds and sometimes manifest in our lives. (I secretly watch the reality Hoarders shows sometimes to see the size of it all.)  It’s different for everyone, varies in degrees and comes in different styles.  Regardless, every human eventually has to deal with getting “out” of some rut they are stuck in.

I haven’t been able to write for what seems like forever but my heart has had so much to say.  I love to write here, but I love to write love letters, journal thoughts, and even my prayer list down when I can.  It’s frustrating when you grab a pen and feel it roll down your index finger without ever putting any thought or task to paper.  For someone who doesn’t love to write, that may seem odd but I liken it to an old west cowboy being unable to saddle a horse.  There is just something holding you back from the very passion that moves you forward. 

Admittedly, I wrote this blog moments ago when WordPress’ *new* easy post section when the entire body of thoughts were in one moment cleared from the screen. AAAGGH! Unable to restore my thoughts, here I am again – forcing them out.  Even WordPress tried to trap my thoughts!!

Jesus appropriately is called The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  People who have not heard of the joy of salvation (Psalm 51:12) don’t know what this statement does yet, but like me, if you have in a moment of utter darkness and despair given your whole life to Him, you can understand that Joy is found in the eternal.  Real joy is not happiness. Happiness is like chocolate – we remember what it taste like and we can eat of it either often or seldom but it is going to be digested.  Joy is not seeded in our stomaches, but in our hearts.  The problem is that often we let our minds (not our brains but the essence of our life’s thoughts) overshadow what our souls/hearts desires know once we accept the truth over the lies.

Truth is Love, Love is truth and Love is the very essence that created this Earth, the amazing way your body heals itself and the silly ways that earth worms grow new heads if theirs are chopped off.  I believe that our joy (Psalm 51:12) is found in our salvation and spread into every area of our lives, or not.  However, when we hide that joy in our hearts we experience something different.  If we are a body of water (since we are mostly water – this made sense to me), and we hide this Love and Joy in ourselves, never letting it out we are cutting our water supply off from every side. Suddenly, we are a pond and without life transfusions of flowing water we may sustain life momentarily. Sometimes ponds can live years without fresh water surviving on the rain water alone. However without constant infusion and release of water we become a stinky pool of gross undrinkable death. 

Finding a way around the trappings of this life to express yourself and let Joy be infused in every act you express you will find that joy multiplies in your heart and those temporary or seemingly permanent problems are a little easier to get through.  My secret, is biting the bullet – do the thing I hear my heart crying out to do (of course, if you are following Christ first, your soul will long for goodness and the things of Jesus) and my main weapon in the combat of life: gratefulness.  (Philippians 4 always helps me with gratefulness.)  Remembering what LOVE really is can be life transforming.



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