There is no easy way to win

I love how people rally around their football teams, or any national or regional team during ‘playoff’ or tournament games.  Especially when they are no where to be found during the regular season. Why? Well, because it speaks to our eagerness to pretend winning is found at the end of the season. 

As a child you can’t wait to grow up and everything will be easy.  As a teen, you think nothing in life could be this hard.  As a young adult you can’t imagine how you thought being a teen was rough – because that section of your life was a breeze compared to now. In my late twenties I often thought (with two small babies and 2 older kids), “no one said being a parent and a wife was this hard.” The beauty of hearing my mentors and remembering my grandmother’s words of advice should help us along. The wise know that you are winning the game in life when you are working hard and not giving up during the hard times, the worst times and even the moments you think will never end.  Those are the “season” games that teach us how to play with those in our team, for us married people, we learn the inner most struggles and trials or victories of working together. For my single friends, you learn how to rely on others and find yourself.

Don’t worry – the moments you think are hard – no matter what time or season you are playing in … they are worth it.  You are after all, building a winning team or at the very worst, learning which players are your starters and which players you can’t rely on during the final stretch!


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