Hannukkah, The Christ Child and Santa

We don’t have a “Clause”, we have a cause!

Playmobile Advent Calendar
Secret Gift Giving in the modern day of Christmas is rare, however secret it remained when you refer to the gift-giving of putting small coins in shoes left outside as The Saint Nicholas did n the 4th century.  Our children know more about the spirit of Saint “Nick” in our home and we rejoice that he is in Heaven with Jesus. After all, a lifetime of toiling here on earth, blessing people and fasting (as it is said) twice a week, endless hours of prayer that we contribute many miracles to; well… that deserves Heavenly eternity.  We know he devoted his life to Christ, and so we teach our children that in Heaven he rejoices over us blessing the poor.  Out family tried to keep our secret santa’s a secret, but after opening presents all the cousins just had to know who picked out their gifts~ but they tried!!
Our favorite gifts were those given to little kids who will never know it was us! 🙂

What? Why do you do that?

“I made it out of clay — and when it’s dry and ready – oh dreidel we will play”

Hannukkah is not necessarily new to me personally simply because of associations, friendships and exposure to this wonderful Judaism ‘minor’ holiday. However, for the last 3 Hannukkah’s my children have been learning about the importance of the similarities with Christianity and Judaism. So, this may have been the first year my step-children witnessed some of the fun first-hand. However, the prayers (in English), the paper menorah’s (let’s just say candles are bad mojo at my house) and the sentiments of the holiday are central when we enjoy fried food, doughnuts and candy coins.  🙂

What DO we believe?

2011 Plaster Christmas Scene

The reason for Joy, the reason we have Peace in such a worldwide time of worry and the ultimate gift to the world is The Messiah, Emmanuel or Jesus The King. No, I don’t think Jesus was born in the American winter, I don’t believe the wise men arrived on camels moments after the baby cried in the hay but ultimately that isn’t what makes the holiday Holy or special for my kids.  They love the crafts we tackle each Christmas, the recipe’s we attempt, and the stories of long ago.

Now that’s a secret look into our Christmas week! Merry Christmas, Happy 5th night of Hannukkah, and many Blessings to you to deal with your family this season!


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