Warrior kind of day (Spiritual advisory)

I have to be honest, many people heard my heart today and some of them heard it with a rebuke of love and truth. I can’t really apologize but I can say there should have been wearing a Spiritual Advisory Warning this week. This may have caused a few people to be less offended. Maybe maybe not so much.

Confusion vs Peace

So, my mom has been in the hospital since Monday – expecting her to get out by tomorrow afternoon. None the less, there has been a struggle between peace and confusion all week. The boxing ring had my mom in the middle and every person in the hospital had the opportunity to be part of the audience, or part of the fight.

How could strangers be involved you ask? I will help you out with a few examples. The doctor who didn’t read a chart or notes left for him so he gave his own opinion instead of taking orders from the overseeing cardiologist chose: confusion’s corner.

The wonderful security guard who said on day 3, “I gotta feeling you aren’t going to be a regular face in the ICU, so you enjoy your day.” He choice was to cheer on peace.

Prayer without ceasing

I can say that there was no confusion within my family. We had two goals: my mom and keeping our heads looking to our Lord. Interesting though how many people want your attention when you are determined to see the Lord’s will done on earth as it is in heaven. (from the Lord’s prayer)

Having a spiritual combat endurance “badge” of sorts: the spiritual struggle kept me in almost constant prayer in my spirit since Monday. The Lord supplies our needs.  He also shows us that we need to be watchman, and there are many places in the Bible where you will find the need for the people of the Lord to pray.

In all honesty I was so “heart on my sleeve” today that I am sure I both irritated and offended people… I am not going to regret it, I hope it wasn’t you, but really, I simply was cutting through some of the BS I am tired of hearing.

BS METER out front

Sometimes the best way to defend Peace is to use your BS meters more often. Sometimes even your friends are hiding things from you and throwing you a fake truth. Some people are believing the lie, and the best way to deal with the struggle over confusion in your own life is to confront the “false truth” and call it out.

I have been in prayer warrior mode, so I was in a different place mentally this week – hope you stayed outta my way this week. But if you crossed paths with me and we happen to be near each other while I dealt with the confusion in this family…. then remember: The truth in a soft rebuke is loving and part of the Kingdom of heaven but mostly only done by people who care SO much about you that they are willing to let you be irritated by them in order to bring truth to the surface.


The reality of what happens when we turn everyone’s attention to the truth, the Love of the father, the call we have to lend a listening ear and the ability we have to let someone else (even a stranger) into our lives in order to minister to them, buying someone lunch, holding the door or the elevator and even simply acts of a smile: those things can bring about Peace to someone. You never know how much confusion can stem from letting people “junk” up your life with confusion and playing games with the truth.

Proverbs 21:3 Acting with righteousness and justice is more valued by the LORD than sacrifice.


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